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The most strategic businesses show their activism by leading with empathy and listening to their employees. Our 'Listen & Learn' sessions provide an opportunity for all employees, especially those from underrepresented groups, to share transparent feedback about how PPG can improve its operations to be more inclusive as an organization. In leading these sessions, I am learning from those around me about how we can do better today than yesterday – every day.

As we move forward in our DE&I journey, we will be guided by our holistic vision and commitments. We consider both to be evergreen. They will evolve as we innovate, learn and grow as an organization. We will continue investing with purpose and intention, cultivating key relationships with organizations and institutions that are progressing toward racial and societal justice and equality.

In addition to investing thoughtfully, we are committing to speaking up and publicly supporting historically excluded populations across the globe. Global events and moments in time over the last two years have shown how much work there is to do to create long-lasting, true equity.

Achieving a sustainable societal balance will take time, and we will not promise to know all the answers. We do promise to put in the good work and take action. We will speak out against racism and intolerance in all forms, and we will always champion for our employees, neighbors and friends.

Through our eight employee resource networks, active listening sessions, global townhalls, surveys, unconscious bias trainings and other creative avenues, we will continue learning directly from our employees. Working as a united team, we will condition our empathy muscles, build a more inclusive organization and make DE&I a more integral part of how we do business.

Today, approximately 45% of PPG's workforce comprises millennials and Gen Z employees. As a global leader and executive sponsor of PPG's Young Professional Network, I have an opportunity to mentor and support underrepresented women of all ages across our organization throughout their individual careers. By focusing on and actively listening to underrepresented populations of women, I am sure that PPG can deliver more innovative solutions to our stakeholders and help us achieve even stronger business results.

I have been with PPG for more than 15 years, and I have seen our organization evolve since my first day. PPG’s increased focus on DE&I – specifically in recent years – is inspiring. Today, it is crucial that organizations build trust with historically underrepresented employees by demonstrating that DE&I is a long-term goal and not a trend. I am a genuine believer that diverse teams perform better, which is why I am elated to be a Black Employee Network leader. I am looking forward to seeing how PPG continues to listen and empower underrepresented colleagues and communities around the globe.

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Our Report

We are grounded in transparency and learning every step of the way. We hope you dive into our story and the stories of our people. Download a PDF of the 2021 PPG DE&I Report.